Radiology & Imaging


Radiology & Imaging


Medical images of the human body created

using a variety of means such as ultrasound, magnetic resonance, nuclear medicine and X-rays allow physicians to see inside the body, to identify and/or rule out medical problems, and to diagnose diseases. Therefore, Radiology is one of the most important medical branches for successful diagnosis.

We offer high standards of radiological investigation with an imaging department that has direct digital radiography, X-ray unit, radiographer and specialist radiologist, with conventional radiology and ultrasonography, whole body color Doppler facilities.

Obstetric and gynecological work is performed with graded facilities for performing transvaginal sonography and detailed anomaly scan in 3D and 4D.

Thyroid gland, breast diseases, soft tissue tumors, neo-natal and abdominal scans etc. can be studied in detail using the high resolution small parts probe.


We offer the following treatment/services:

  • Routine and special radiological investigation
  • Total body ultrasound scan with State-of-Art Equipment, including Color Doppler
  • 3D and 4D ultrasound scan, real-time 3D for realistic
  • TRUS (Trans rectal ultrasound of prostrate)
  • Neonatal and infant neuro sonography
  • Hip Ultrasound
  • Musculo-skeletal ultrasound